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01 March 2016 @ 01:43 pm

- - I’ve given myself seventy-two (72) hours to write fifty (50) separate pieces of fanfiction -AGAIN!
I've done it before, and I'm just the right kind of crazy to give it another shot.  This time, the fic sprint
will run from  12:00 AM (EST) on March 11th, 2010 to 12:00 AM (EST) on March 14th, 2010.

- - In order to make this experience even more fun than it already promises to be,
I’ve decided to lump on the additional challenge of only writing a single pairing from
something of a long-dead (but much loved) fandom. So, on that note, everything
you’ll find here will be centered around C.J. Cregg & Danny Concannon of The West Wing fame.

- - Fics will vary in length and rating. Round .1. saw a lot of shorter pieces leaning towards
the oh-so-harmless end of the spectrum, so, to shake things up, I'm planning on pushing
both the length & rating boundaries during this next sprint.  We'll see how that one works.

- - Since there's still a good hunk of time before the next round kicks off, I've set up a 
super spiffy PROMPT POST, cause I love prompts.  It'd be amazing if you -whoever you are-
took a second to check it out and, you know, maybe submit something.  Because that would
be awesome, and I would adore you forever.  And use your prompt.  Obviously.

- - Once Round 2 gets underway there'll be a post where you can keep track of my progress,
but in the meantime, you could also catch me on twitter, if that's your kind of thing.
There also might be a tumblr in my near future (peer pressure!).  So.  Yay.

- -
Feedback is amazing, whether it gets to me via the comment function on this journal,
through a mailing list, or from a review on ff.net.  Due to the crazy time constraints I've got going,
nothing here will be beta read.  (The sheer horror of it all!!)  But don't worry; I actually do
this -the writing thing - for a living, so I can guarantee you won't find a hot mess of fail here.
Still, I'd appreciate any typo-hunting y'all are willing to do after the fact.


01 March 2015 @ 04:00 pm

Last time, prompts got lumped together with progress,
and that started to drive me all kinds of crazy by the last
day of the sprint.  So.  Not doing that again.  Obviously.
Also, I sort of left all of the awesome, amazing submissions
to stew in the comment section, without ever pointing out
which ones I'd finished & which were still waiting to get done.

THIS TIME I plan on using a spiffy, spiffy table to keep
everything all nice & sorted.  Better yet, it's an ~image~ table.
That I got from here.  Because crediting is a good thing.

So, gaze upon it & be amazed.  You can also click on it a 
whole bunch of different times so that you can be amazed
at an even higher resolution.  Yeah.  It's hardcore.



Comment!!!  That's it -no crazy forms or anything!

Give me whatever you want, a jumble of words, a song,
a poem, a scenario, heck, even one of those sketch
fandom/fanfic cliches would work.  I'll take prompts from
anybody, so even if you don't have an LJ, or don't feel
like logging in to the one you last used in sixth grade,
COMMENT ANYWAY.  Seriously.  I <3 Anonymous.

After you comment, I'll take whatever you gave me &
turn it into a picture.  Unless you give me a picture.
Then I'll just use that one.  Cause I'm crazy, but not a
complete loon and a half.  The picture (be it found by
me or given by you) will then get slapped into the shiny
table you've already gazed upon (admiringly, I hope).

There's gonna be a second table that says who submitted
what & wether or not it got written a little later down the line.
Once I find a code that, you know, works.  We'll see.

Sooooo, what else? If you've got a ratings preference,
please, please, please let me know in your comment.  I'll
do my best to honor it in spite of my weak constitution.
I think that's the only rule I have.  Or am keeping.

So submit!  Do it here!  Do it now!
24 October 2010 @ 10:26 pm
Title: Graceful Not-losing
Characters: CJ Cregg, Danny Concannon, Gail
Rating: Harmless
Notes: Early Season 2; challenge entry for nbc_las
Disclaimer: All credit goes to Sorkin, Wells, & NBC/Warner Bros.

“You lost.”Collapse )

Third Place (yay!) for Round One. Prompt was [character] loses a bet.
20 October 2010 @ 07:12 pm
 Hey guys!

So, I haven't been around super a lot, which is terrible, but there's good news!  I'm participating in nbc_las , which is basically a last author standing community centered around shows that are airing/have aired on NBC.  It's good stuff.  Problem is, all my new fics are getting funneled into it rather than being posted here.  Sadface.

Still, you can read all the entries here & vote for your favorite/least favorite ones here.

Make sure you read the rules, cause there are lots.  F'serious.

Buuuuut yeah.  I'll be posting my nbc_las fics here once the challenges're through.  Thanks a billion times over for all your commenting & email writing.  I promise, promise, promise that I'll be responding to everything soon.  As always, if you've got something you'd like to see written, comment here, drop me a line on twitter, or shoot me an email.

02 September 2010 @ 08:36 pm
Title: Backwater .7.
Characters: CJ Cregg, Danny Concannon, Abbey Bartlet
Rating: Teen
Notes: Pre-series.   Part .1. Part .2. Part .3. Part .4. Part .5. Part .6.
Disclaimer: All credit goes to Sorkin, Wells, & NBC/Warner Bros.

CJ’s prediction about the Abbey Bartlet bio hitting the bestseller list comes true the day after the campaign pulls out of Montana.Collapse )
28 August 2010 @ 11:51 pm
Title: Backwater .6.
Characters: CJ Cregg, Danny Concannon, Abbey Bartlet
Rating: Harmless
Notes: Pre-series.   Part .1. Part .2. Part .3. Part .4. Part .5.
Disclaimer: All credit goes to Sorkin, Wells, & NBC/Warner Bros.

After Wyoming comes Montana, which Danny has secretly been looking forward toCollapse )
Title: Hoarding and Other Things That Start With 'H' .1.
Characters: CJ Cregg, Danny Concannon
Rating: Mature.
Notes: Another yahoo person requested this.  And kept requesting it.  So.  Multi-part.
Disclaimer: All credit goes to Sorkin, Wells, & NBC/Warner Bros.

Danny’s a nice guy,Collapse )
20 August 2010 @ 01:14 am
Title: Clarity
Characters: CJ Cregg, Danny Concannon
Rating: Harmless
Notes: Season 7; Post Institutional Memory
Disclaimer: All credit goes to Sorkin, Wells, & NBC/Warner Bros.

Winter in DC feels like fall does everywhere elseCollapse )CLC
02 August 2010 @ 09:30 pm
I'm not dead.  Though I don't blame you if you kinda wish I was.  Round Two?  Was kind of a disaster.  A huge, epic, not-fun-at-all one.  And there's no way to convey to all of you, who've given prompts, posted comments, and who've been so wonderfully kind in spite of the failures and crap-fic I've thrown at you, how very, very sorry I am for abandoning this journal and all of you who'd bothered to take the time to follow it.

You guys are amazing, epic folks, and you deserve to get what you signed up for: a flash-flood of CJ/Danny fanfic.  SO!  Even though I failed miserably at delivering all I promised the last time 'round, I'm intent on making good on my bargain allllll over again.  That is, if you'd be willing to put up with me again.  It's fine if you don't -seriously, I don't blame you for being all 'meh' after the uber!hiatus I had there.


If you'd be willing to read, comment, and prompt all over again, please, please, please let me know.  Lookit! There's a poll!

Poll #1600961 Round 3?

Up for another round of ficing_insane?

Bring it!!!
Heck No!!!

Easy, right?  You could also send me an LJ message, or shoot me a line on twitter.

Again, as always, you guys are amazing.  Thanks so much for reading this and, well, everything else over here.

12 March 2010 @ 11:55 pm

- - Today's total was twelve, which was four shy of the goal 
I'd set.  Not great, but not a disaster either.

- - Super excited for tomorrow, because I've got a new rule:
must write either a multi-part or a prompt, nothing else, no 
excuses, till everything gets wrapped up.  Good stuff.

- - I'm also toying with the idea of finally committing to one
of the 'mature' pieces I've been dared to write, cause I've
kinda been dancing around them this entire time, and the
folks who asked for them are starting to catch on.  So.  Yikes.

thank you.thank you.
thank you

For reading, commenting, and submitting prompts.

Yay for more comments!  They're great, guys, and
I appreciate that you're taking the time to say something.
And I'm still working on replying to them.  Naturally.

People using Yahoo(!) -you are awesome, wonderful
folks, but please, please, please try your best to
start commenting over here instead of emailing me.


So, like, use them.  And stuff.

As always, I'm looking forward to reading any new
commends/prompts/tweets that you guys feel like throwing
my way.  Again, you're all FANTASTIC & THANK YOU!!!

Submit more prompts!  Pictures, songs, whatever!  GO GO GO!